There is always room for improvement and development. What prompted me to reach out to Tanya is that I found myself at a crossroads. The organizational changes that were taking place and my reporting relationship changed from one function to another at my current company – the original reason I took this position was no longer in play.

I needed to re-evaluate what my goals were, take stock of my skillset, and figure out what I was going to focus on and how.

Tanya helped me dive into what is important to me and why. She led efforts to run a fresh 360-degree feedback for me, pointing out my towering strengths and areas to develop further. Some were hard to hear, some were pleasant surprises. Looking at my life holistically and identifying all areas from work to favorite activities brought my focus back. The other key insight I got from working with Tanya was “the how.” I compare it to getting a third opinion on how I could approach situations and reach peak performance. This outside, trustworthy, and unbiased insight helped me talk and think through tough situations. Working with Tanya energized me, made me bolder, yet helped me remain calm and purposeful.

Sr. Manager, Sales Operations