I reached out to Tanya in search of assistance regarding career planning and development. I hoped to utilize Tanya’s extensive experience in the corporate world and acute awareness of hiring practices to draft a blueprint for my career path.

As a young professional, I wanted to, through my resume/LinkedIn/etc., market my knowledge, skills, and abilities in the most effective manner possible to potential employers. I was also, hoping for guidance in outlining a plan to attain my career goals.

I have developed a more concentrated focus in regards to attaining my goals and taking the next step in my career development. I have been able to identify a more clear and direct pathway to my career objectives, which in turn has helped me more efficiently channel my efforts.

Tanya has helped me outline a precise vision while providing me with the necessary tools to turn that vision into a reality. I previously had a cloudy perception of what my ambitions were. With Tanya’s assistance, I have been able to discern my career aspirations and identify a blueprint for success.

In addition, Tanya’s keen understanding of company hiring practices has helped me bolster my marketability to potential employers. Her knowledge of industry buzz words and trends has helped me revise my resume in a way that will elicit an immediate positive response from hiring managers.

Sales Consultant