Tanya was tremendous to work with in coaching my career growth plan as well as my current job transition.

I truly enjoyed the process in working with Tanya. Her approach was excellent as it started with a zoom-out to truly understand my future view and long-term plan for my family.

We then applied that view and zoomed back in to develop work goals and set milestones. When Tanya had me work through that exercise, it helped me create clarity and understand what I need to drive and work on to achieve my goals.

This clarity has supported me in my development discussions as well as targeting certain roles to continue to enhance my value to the organization and creating value for the organization.

Tanya also was very versatile and I really appreciated the outside perspective as I was working through a role change and on-boarding a new team. Tanya coached me through the change with dialogue and various tools which I could work into my current situation.

I am grateful for the coaching I received from Tanya and I reflect almost daily on our discussions and apply them to my team, my career and my life.

Director, Product Management Team