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Working with Tanya energized me

There is always room for improvement and development. What prompted me to reach out to Tanya is that I found myself at a crossroads. The organizational changes that were taking place and my reporting relationship changed from one function to another at my current...

I was working through a role change

Tanya was tremendous to work with in coaching my career growth plan as well as my current job transition. I truly enjoyed the process in working with Tanya. Her approach was excellent as it started with a zoom-out to truly understand my future view and long-term plan...

Tanya has helped me outline a precise vision

I reached out to Tanya in search of assistance regarding career planning and development. I hoped to utilize Tanya's extensive experience in the corporate world and acute awareness of hiring practices to draft a blueprint for my career path. As a young professional, I...

I have begun to learn how to present my ‘best self’

I was referred to Tanya for help because I knew I had to make a career change, but I didn’t know what or how. She helped me focus and guided me through a journey which allowed me to see and determine the direction I needed to take. I was trying to solve some questions...

Tanya helped me become more focused

I was referred by a friend of a friend who worked with Tanya. I started talking to Tanya when I was a bit uncertain on how to move on in my career, both with what I do and where I do it. That feeling was amplified by a reorganization process at my company. Tanya...

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