About a year ago, I retained Tanya Hayes at the recommendation of a friend. Retaining Tanya has been a phenomenal decision.

I was an expat in my mid-40s and an ‘empty-nester’. My assignment was coming up for renewal and so I would have choices about where to go next.

I felt fortunate that there were a lot of potential avenues I could take, but at the same time, was feeling a bit stuck not being convinced of which direction to take.

After an introductory call to get to know me and where I was at, Tanya proposed a comprehensive program to help me clarify my priorities, become more purposeful about the next step in my career and life, and put an action plan in place to go after it.

Tanya’s process worked. After a working through a series of visioning exercises and reviewing them in phone calls, I was able to quickly narrow down the options that were truly important to me. We then went to work on researching and developing a personal brand to help support these goals, and Tanya found resources to support execution. We are now in the process of working the action plan we put in place.

If I could go back in time, I would go through this process at least once every 10 years in my career. It was really incredible at how effective Tanya was at helping me get really purposeful about the next steps in my career and life and how to action the steps to get there. Additionally, knowing that I was working through the steps with Tanya helped keep me accountable to myself.

I have recommended Tanya to several friends and colleagues at various stages at their careers. I highly recommend Tanya for anyone who would like help articulating their own strategy, values, mission, and personal brand, and developing an execution plan to intentionally realize their goals. I know that I am light-years ahead of where I would have been had I still been debating on my own which way to go.

Managing Director, Fortune 500 company